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Website Development

Betelgis consists of software engineers, visual designers and UX design professionals who have years of experiences and exposure across different projects. With an array of technologies being our forte, we excel at website development services and technologies such as Drupal and Laravel, HTML5 Web Development and Responsive Design. Our cross-platform mobile development team would make your online presence more accessible through most mobile platforms and devices.

Cloud Services

Betelgis Cloud redefines business processes, applications, and infrastructure management with a specialized suite of services. We strengthen public, private and hybrid cloud ecosystems with analytical and artificial intelligence-powered automation tools.

We codify the complexity of your existing IT with software and process engineering and add a compilation of premise infrastructure, public, private and hybrid clouds to enhance its responsiveness and efficiency. Our approach to reinventing applications, data, and infrastructure, therefore, is enterprise-centric.

Cyber Network Security

In the 21st century era, data, apps and networks are at constant risk from malicious attackers. Companies use Betelgis’s Cybersecurity & Risk Service (CRS) to address these threats. The service uses a portfolio of Cyber Defence Platforms, frameworks, data analytics to build defense systems against complex and sophisticated threats.

Mobile App Development

Betelgis, being a leading provider of blockchain powered banking solutions, has extensive expertise in producing high quality, digitally transformative, and feature-rich applications. The company has now brought the same expertise and efficiency in mobile application development and has built applications compatible with every major mobile platform including iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, and Windows Mobile.

Betelgis is also an expert at HTML5 development and builds cross-platform mobile applications operable on any device or platform. Enterprises which procure custom mobile application

development needs from Betelgis can be assured that their final deliverable, regardless of the technology it's built on, will be secure, scalable and sustainable in whichever environment its hosted.

Big Data

The improving capabilities of big data platforms create new opportunities for industries who want to examine analytics to benefit their companies. Earlier, inspite of having supporting data, such as sales figure, customer information, etc, getting insights was both time consuming and costly, however, with the introduction of analytics toll, now everyone with a proper training can provide information from company data and evaluate the results and re-route the organization strategy course.


Big data includes large volumes of data, both unstructured and structured,however the volume of data is not important but the execution is. How organization's perceive those data and implements the understanding, resulting in change- is what matters. Betelgis consultants assists organization's to analyze the data for insights that result in better decisions and strategic business moves. We help you to make better use of the information that flows into your organizations every day. When you combine big data with high-powered analytics, you can accomplish tasks such as:

  • Determining root causes of failures, issues and defects in near-real time.
  • Generating coupons at the point of sale based on the customer’s buying habits.
  • Recalculating entire risk portfolios in minutes.
  • Detecting fraudulent behavior before it affects your organization.
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Data analytics helps businesses convert their raw business data into actionable insights. Betelgis Utama Karya has been helping companies make quick and data-driven decisions in the ever-changing environment by rendering a full set of data analytics services.


We are ready to implement our best data analytics practices to empower companies with informed decision-making in the following business areas:

- Supply chain analytics
- Asset analytics
- HR analytics
- Sport data analytics


Analytics Service

- Financial analytics
- Customer analytics
- Marketing & sales analytics

Within a reasonable time, we will help you defeat fragmented and inaccurate analytics and reporting by implementing data analytics best practices for improved decision quality and speed.

Betelgis utama karya is also committed to advancing sports data usage by the media, professional teams, governing bodies and sport at large. Our passion for sport coupled with our years' of industry experience informs the work we do in this space, including the development of predictive models, analytical metrics and utilising multiple data sources.